The Royal Studio is Ego by Design
And today’s U goes to the Unnatural.
Today’s T for a Throw-up!As of, we build to scar it.#36daysoftype #36days_t
Today’s S to honor our Street roots.Did you know we were born out of graffiti? The root of our disrespect.
Today’s R for a R’estart on Darwin.
Today’s Q for something in Queue!
Today’s P for Plant!
After a short break, we are back in business.Today’s O for Organic!
The Royal is going to Amsterdam this weekend!If you happen to be in town, drop us note.Let’s meet!Stay tuned to the ‪#‎RoyalAmsterdam‬ on every social media known to mankind.
If you had a day like ours, you know the meaning of busy.
On the road we keep designing!
The J for J’ungle made entirely on an iPhone.

#36daysoftype #36days_j
Spot on the deadline! Would like to work it more but one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do. I for illustrative.
Today’s H is a quicky. For H’oly fuck! My eyes!#36daysoftype #36days_h
Today’s G for mr.Gordo! Happy in it’s fat nudity gazing at the moonlight. 
You know the world is a great place when you’re a bandit.And when you’re invited to design ESAD Matosinhos World Graphics Day 2014.And when it is going to be nothing less than AWESOME!Join, share, love, and attend at the event:
Today’s F is out of schedule. There’s no schedule for F’unctions though. F for function representing a Fibonacci’s progression. Yeah, we geeks as F’uck.#36daysoftype #36days_f
Then on the fifth, we went to the exterior.