The Royal Studio is Ego by Design
Then on the V for V’irtual, we programmed a script to build our letter for us. Royal bless the royal code! Could we tweak it after? We could. Did we tweak it after? We didn’t. We couldn’t, we are honest kings.
And today’s U goes to the Unnatural.
Today’s T for a Throw-up!As of, we build to scar it.#36daysoftype #36days_t
Today’s S to honor our Street roots.Did you know we were born out of graffiti? The root of our disrespect.
Today’s R for a R’estart on Darwin.
Today’s Q for something in Queue!
Today’s P for Plant!
After a short break, we are back in business.Today’s O for Organic!
The Royal is going to Amsterdam this weekend!If you happen to be in town, drop us note.Let’s meet!Stay tuned to the ‪#‎RoyalAmsterdam‬ on every social media known to mankind.
If you had a day like ours, you know the meaning of busy.
On the road we keep designing!
The J for J’ungle made entirely on an iPhone.

#36daysoftype #36days_j
Spot on the deadline! Would like to work it more but one’s gotta do what one’s gotta do. I for illustrative.
Today’s H is a quicky. For H’oly fuck! My eyes!#36daysoftype #36days_h
Today’s G for mr.Gordo! Happy in it’s fat nudity gazing at the moonlight. 
You know the world is a great place when you’re a bandit.And when you’re invited to design ESAD Matosinhos World Graphics Day 2014.And when it is going to be nothing less than AWESOME!Join, share, love, and attend at the event:
Today’s F is out of schedule. There’s no schedule for F’unctions though. F for function representing a Fibonacci’s progression. Yeah, we geeks as F’uck.#36daysoftype #36days_f