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Slimcutz Mixtape - California Dreamin’

Yesterday we got your front. Today we have your back!

Props to the illest DJ SlimCutz
Slimcutz Mixtape - California Dreamin’ Front.Let’s get some tropical trippin going on. I’mma go and get mine!They are the dopest free gift this summer!
We may be in Turkey, in Izmir, but we still can’t miss a good sardine.Merry Jolly Happy São João everyone!!
The thirty-ninth #royalstickie went to Frankfurt.
Ayo!Give it up to Refinery29 and their amazing direction, copy & dedication to wonderful new ideas!Latest info graphics our there, the clean version, on Kanye’s take on fashion adventures."You ain’t got the answers Sway!" — That’s the mood for this one.Show some love here: !
Promised you more on the subject.Here is more on the subject.subject 3x.
While the work is piling up, the digital flaws of yesterday and the hectic timing is getting on our nerves, here is a Screenprinted sneak peak from our piece in Up Studio’s book on digital vs. manual design.

Neither one, neither both, not an issue. More coming on the subject later.

Dare for another sneak peak at the work at hands?
Would you care for a small #royalsneakpeak on the work at hands today? Give this city some dreamin’ love!
Teaser 01 is out there!
We gave you the night teaser. Here is the sunlight version!

Cheers x2,
Teaser 01 is out there!
Give it up to the night version and happy monday!

Brand new podcast to stir up a lazy monday!Hit it Minions!Royal Word.
Yo everyone! New PODCAST!This one goes to to your heart.Wrap around Design, to help you get through the busy days.Actually, could be named ‘What is design’ but we can’t be that pretentious.BAM!
Wrap Around Design
Everyone loves titles, side notes and captions.(…)The Honest Manifest is honest. soon to be released.